International eSports

As such, eSports is an international sport. Naturally there are local and national leagues and tournaments, but the real fame and money is available on international level, most players want to achieve that level.

To be able to play on the Tier1 teams and to reach your best level, you need to work hard, train hard and take care of your self.

We are here to help players achieve the best level they possible can. To do this we are offering services and products with our co-operative partners. We wil show and link the partners on this
site, as well telll about the new services on our news section (monstly in Finnish), but all services are available in English as well.

Training and coaching

One key element to succeed in playing the games and proceeding in the career in eSports is training and coaching. To find suitable training and coaching, please visit out
Educational eSports site.

Second element is to find the best possible team to play at. We offer services to find a team and to negoative the contract for You as a professional player. In case you would like to use us as a service, please
contact us by form.

PRO Services

Professional services for professional eSports player

PRO Products

Professional products for professional eSports player

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